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  • solar mounting system above corrugated sheet

    structure for industrial roof

    with no hassle

    Fit to different orienation and various industrial roof types
    to deliver optimum power at lowest cost.

  • Free Standing solar mounting system

    Let us guide your

    Rigid Mounting needs

    Standard Tailered
    designed structure

  • roof top solar mounting system

    Your Planet needs

    Our Solution

    We takecare all design aspects
    as well installation.

Area of Application

HAIAKIL mounting systems offer photovoltaic installation solutions for all roof types and roof coverings.

Trapezoidal sheet system

sheet system

For trapezoidal sheet roofs with highest durabilty and lowest fixing time.

Ground  mounted system

mounted system

open-site systems are suitable for all common soil classes.

Flat roofs


Mounting systems for flat roofs are suitable for many surfaces materials.



Total solution for various outdoor spaces with tailered designed.

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