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CRS100  Metal Roof system

Haiakil Metal Roof Mounting Solution is suitable for almost any flat roof.
It provides a simple and cost-effective solution for mounting all framed and unframed solar panels currently on the market. Haiakil's wide range of mounting brackets provide for fast and secure fixing to sheet metal, purlins or rafters and for different roofing types at angles from 10 to 30°. 

The success of the investment stands or falls on the quality of the mounting system. Because in the end, it depends on the mounting system whether the solar plant achieves its planned running time in all weathers without disruption. In other words: whether the investment will pay off. Haiakil Metal roof systems are durable, require low maintenance in the toughest conditions.

A high degree of prefabrication and optimally coordinated components make installation at the construction site quick and effective.


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